Effective Sports Nutrition

A Heathy Diet and a Tailored Daily Sports Nutrition Plan

A heathy diet and a tailored daily nutrition plan are essential steps towards improving and excelling the level of your athletic performance. The amount and type of foods and fluids consumed throughout the day as well as directly prior and post sports training has a tremendous effect on your sports endurance and training results. Diet planning for effective sports nutrition can be complicated and demanding, so let an expert Registered Dietitian create the perfect plan for you.

Registered Dietitian


Planning a Sports Nutrition Diet

Planning a sports nutrition diet is dramatically different for all the various athletic activities that you might do during your training days. For example, when doing prolonged cardiovascular activities that require endurance, the amount, the timing, and the types of carbohydrates (sugars) that you consume will have a strong effect on your performance.

For muscle building sports, the amount, timing and type of protein sources that you consume will also have a significant effect on your results. There are also numerous foods that need to be avoided at certain times to maximize your strength and ability while participating in certain activities. A registered dietitian can teach you all to eat healthy, while consuming EXACTLY what you NEED for your specific results.

Vitamins, Minerals and Other Supplements for Sports Nutrition

In addition to guiding you through your sports nutrition diet, a Dietitian will analyze your diet an ensure that all the essentials are being met. In some cases, various nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals might offer additional benefit to your diet and enhance the training results. Unfortunately, due to internet information overload, there is a lot of nutritional supplement information that is incorrect or not backed up by concrete science.

A large portion of the info that you might find on various sports nutrition websites will be misleading due to being driven solely by marketing and profit purposes. Your health, safety, and longevity is often not considered. This is why a Registered Dietitian should be contacted when you are interested in taking nutritional supplements. Don’t forget that all nutritional supplements, vitamins, and minerals are primarily chemical substances, and there is a very fine line between them serving a beneficial or harmful role in your body. Helping you make a safe and informed decision of what type and amount of supplements to put into your body is our primary concern, so you can be confident that you are benefiting yourself 100 percent.