Family Healthy Nutrition

Baby and Kids Nutrition

Balanced and healthy nutrition is one of the essential keys to a happy, healthy and dynamic family. Introducing healthy foods can be difficult as everyone has diverse tastes and needs. Our Healthy Nutrition for Families Program can help you ensure that your family diet is balanced and healthy with meals that everyone loves. Family nutrition is about building healthy eating habits together, to promote long and happy lives. Families need to develop positive food relationships and learn about the beneficial and harmful effects of foods on our longevity, as well as the way we look and feel.

Registered Dietitian


Toddler and Baby Nutrition

Your baby’s or toddler’s health, development, and growth primarily depends on your ability to provide healthy and nutritious foods. Ensuring complete and balanced liquid nutrition and baby food that meets all of their nutritional needs, vitamins and minerals can be stressful and complicated for busy parents. For new parents it is important to learn about how specific foods promote and support eye and brain development, growth, strong bones, teeth and hair in order to ensure that your child is growing to his or her full potential.

A Registered Dietitian can guide you through the process and provide you with essential food and nutrition knowledge to give your child the best possible start in life. In addition to basic baby and toddler nutrition, you will also learn about how to deal with behavioural eating problems, difficult food fads, allergies and more.

Kids Nutrition

Our Children and Teen Nutrition Program is designed to identify nutritional or eating problems that your children might have, and develop a plan which avoids these pitfalls but satisfies your child’s «wants and needs» and is within your family’s nutritional plan.

You and your family will learn how to eat healthy, as well as tips and tricks about helping your child reach their full potential though healthy and balanced child nutrition.

We will work together to build a strong positive relationship between your child and food as this has shown to prevent problems later on in life (such as being overweight, or developing eating disorders).

You will also learn how to deal with difficult child or teen behaviour related to food and mealtimes. This is a time when they are greatly influence by peers, trends, and media/celebrity diets, all of which can have detrimental effects on your child’s health and wellbeing.