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Physical Detoxification Via Detox Diets

Detox diets have been around for a very long time in human history so it’s no surprise that various detox diets have gained so much popularity in the recent few decades. The body needs to detoxify and cleanse itself to function at optimal levels. Most chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, liver and kidney disease can be attributed to accumulation of unwanted substances in the body. It is ancient knowledge that detoxifying helps bring back our amazing ability to self heal. This is not a fad, or a trend (although may seem like it due to the recent media popularity).

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Detox diets to achieve best results

Living in today’s environment, inevitably exposes us to pollutants and toxins, and over the years, its accumulation reduces our capacity to detoxify ourselves. This results in a health imbalance, and weakened organs and their functions. While it’s not realistic to completely remove ourselves from this environment, it is possible to give the body a break, and support its natural detoxification processes to bring balance, health and vitality back into your life. Even if you feel you are having the best possible nutrition and healthy diet, factors outside of your control cause toxin accumulation in your body.

Detox diets should be done several times per year to achieve the best results. The purpose of the detox diet is to give the digestive organs a break from constant digestion. Most of us try to eat 3 meals and maybe a few snacks throughout the day, or often may eat late in the evening, which means that the break between the last meal and the fist meal is often 8 hrs or less. The digestive systems are simply not getting enough time after the digestion and absorption is completed, to engage in the detoxification processes. Also, the foods we eat are often over processed, heavy, full of unhealthy fats, stabilizers, additives, and toxins all of which may get lodged in the intestinal walls or get absorbed into the blood stream, thus accumulating in other tissues.

A good detox diet, will provide small amounts of healthy whole foods that require minimal effort for the digestive system to break down and absorb. These meals should be mostly based on organic fruits and vegetables, and may include some whole grains or lean protein (severity of dietary restrictions will depend on the depth of your cleanse). In addition, the detox diet will provide plenty of cleansing fluids, and may include some nutritional supplements to ensure that the body has all the tools needed for self detoxification and healing. Bowel cleansing can also be beneficial in the cleaning / detoxification process as it will enhance the depth of the cleanse.

Physical detoxification via detox diets, bowel cleansing, and skin brushing is definitely effective, but if you’re doing this while being stressed out or under a lot of unwanted pressures, your efforts may be wasteful and even create more unnecessary stress, leading to getting further off balance. It is crucially important to reduce or eliminate stress and pressures of daily life while doing the detox. Choose a time when work related stress is at its lowest, and aim to have plenty of personal time for meditation, yoga, or even just long walks at your favorite park.
Doing a detox without professional guidance may result in nutrient deficiencies, feeling sick or extremely fatigued, as well as simply not getting the most out of your detox. Getting professional help in this matter is strongly recommended. Our detox programs range from 3 to 14 days in duration, with many options and completely customized to your individual needs.

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