Condition-Specific Diet

Therapeutic Diet and Symptom Management

Whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or other common health problems, diet therapy is key to your longevity and improved quality of life. For example, learning healthy diabetic diet guidelines will help you achieve better blood glucose control which will postpone or prevent diabetic complications such as loss of vision, toe and finger amputations, and other neuropathic conditions.

Registered Dietitian


Condition-specific diet to achieve best results

During the private nutrition consult we will analyze your diet for balance of all macro and micro nutrients and determine if there are any dietary issues to be dealt with. We will recognize areas for improvement such as having to reduce saturated fat intake, sodium, or simple sugars and provide you with simple, customized diet tips. One of the best motivating factors for following a therapeutic diet is that your results can be measured with either blood work or other readings such as blood pressure.

Living with gastrointestinal symptoms such as heart burn, constipation, indigestion, bloating or flatulence can put a toll on your health and wellbeing. All of these symptoms can often be diminished if not completely resolved with proper diet modifications, so why not give it a try? Private nutrition counselling will help you get back to a more balanced, vibrant you.