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Healthy Butter chicken

Creamy Yoghurt Butter Chicken

“Healthier” Butter Chicken I love butter chicken! But every time I order it in a restaurant it’s floating in butter. Too much …


Cilantro Anyone?

If you don’t already love it, think again the next time you say “no cilantro for me please”! Fresh coriander leaves, also know …

IMG_5696 small

Super-Enzymatic Green Papaya Salad

This appetizing Green Papaya Salad is the perfect starter before having a high protein meal. It contains high amounts of proteolytic enzymes …


Red Millet Tabbouleh

This colourful and nutritious salad is great for Vata, and can be easily adapted for Kapha and Pitta by substituting Quinoa for …

Raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Raw Chocolate-Avocado Heaven

Finally, a truly healthy vegan mousse for the raging chocolaholic. This smooth and rich raw chocolate avocado mousse will surprise any chocolate …