Registered Dietitian Olya Voikin

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Olya Voikin is a Registered Dietitian in private practice, who offers nutrition counseling to individuals as well as corporations. She is a specialist in weight loss, diabetes management, and prenatal nutrition. Olya graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree, majoring in Dietetics and completed her dietetic residency at Vancouver General Hospital.

Registered Dietitian


Meet Olya…

Olya’s practice is registered with the College of Dietetics of British Columbia and she is a member of Dietitians of Canada. She has also completed an Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cookery program at a BSS Approved and Green Leaf Certified Ayurvedic training centre in Kerala, India.

Olya was motivated to start a career in private nutritional counseling by her love for food, teaching, and helping people reach their full potential. Her areas of expertise include weight and shape management, prenatal and maternal nutrition, diabetes management, healthy eating for improved energy levels, vegetarian eating, and family nutrition.

Olya takes pride in developing individualized diet plans in an intimate clinical setting and helping her clients achieve improved health, weight loss, and overall well-being. Olya actively engages people in planning a lifestyle of healthy eating, including assessment of the individual’s Ayurvedic body type to create a personalized health plan to improve energy levels, correct problems with digestion, and maintain health. Olya takes pride in using the most holistic and authentic health and nutrition approach while developing individualized diet plans. She also enjoys public speaking and providing group seminars on various nutritional topics.

Her experience includes many areas of dietetic practice, such as acute care in hospitals, community nutrition, and one-on-one nutritional counseling. In addition, she gained experience working within a multidisciplinary team of Western and Ayurvedic doctors in Goa, India. Her Ayurvedic experience includes menu planning for a luxury Ayurvedic retreat and clinic (The Beach House, Goa), incorporating the most current nutrition knowledge and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to help guests bring balance back into their bodies. She also collaborated with Holistic nutritionists in developing fusion recipes and writing Ayurvedic nutrition articles for a UK magazine «Your Wellness». She has worked with numerous clients on a one-on-one basis and is an accomplished speaker through various seminars and workshops.

Olya’s involvement with her clients is not limited to scheduled appointments. She also plans grocery shopping tours at local food markets and collaborates with personal trainers, naturopaths, and other health professionals to provide her clients with a comprehensive approach to healthy living.

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